Increasing Holiday Sales – Successful Marketing (Part 3)

Marketing effectively has the opportunity to increase sales even more this holiday season but can be tricky to do, especially when busy, so learning how different types of marketing can be effective for Christmas sales is increasingly important. 

With so many purchases being carried out online – SEO and PPC marketing are extremely useful for raising awareness for your brand, and Email marketing can be a great way to retain customers and send out notifications or communications.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketing is an organic tool to bring in customers who will potentially love to your products/brand. SEO is completely free to do (other than your time) and will help increase traffic to your website. The only drawback for SEO is that it is not quick so it helps to have the future in mind when developing SEO tactics. 

If you want to start increasing your SEO presence, the first thing you need to do is to make sure your website is structured properly. This included ensuring keywords are inline with your goals and your market, categories are relevant, and all links and backlinks are working. 

To begin – you can use various keyword trackers (SEMrush, Google Ads Keyword Planner) to find out high-volume searches that relate to your brand, these can be incorporated into your website and if it is strong enough, the algorithm will pick it up and bring the ranking of your site up. 

SEO planning should realistically be a few months ahead of the season you are aiming to target – so preparation is key. In this time, be sure to update update update, curate your content and start some blog posts!


PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing is a paid tool that will help you get your products out there quickly. Missed the holiday season preparations but still want to increase your profits? With PPC you are able to do this quickly and efficiently, and sometimes at a relatively low cost depending on what you decide to target. 

Approximately 35% of all searches start on Google, so getting to the first few pages is key. With paid ads, you can bypass all of the SEO links and even sometimes appear directly below the search bar, which would increase traffic exponentially. 

If you have a smaller business and run on a tight budget, make sure do to tailored research to decide where best to spend your precious coins, as PPC will add up due to the number of clicks. One way to combat the big costs of the Christmas season is to get in early. People like to make sure they’re prepared, so there’s plenty of opportunity for targeted ads.

PPC is a visual sales pitch, so getting product pictures right is the first step to any campaign. You should also ensure the description is tailored, your keywords are on-brand, and the price is clearly visible. Try looking at the closest competitors product – what do they include in theirs? If you are able to master this, you will be able to rank above them and channel their sales to your website.

PPC is an extremely useful option, so keep it in mind if you have the budget for it and it will likely make your investment worth the risk. 

Email marketing

As mentioned above, email marketing is essential for building customer relationships and ensuring that established customers and potential customers are all kept up to date with your business over the holiday season. 

You can receive initial email data through sign up forms on your website, or through the option to become a member to create ease for repeat payments. A simple way to get new customers information is to run a 10% off everything with your first purchase campaign, as customers will have to enter their email to receive the reward. 

Email marketing is a fabulous way to reach out to people with personal messages, newsletters, sales, new lines dropping, special deals and more. 

Email marketing is also trackable – and you can look into how your customers are engaging with you in order to categorise them. Having categories such as long-term buyers, repeat buyers, one time buyers and potential buyers will help you to develop different marketing strategies to best reach them. 

Understanding all of these processes can be intimidating when first looking into the holiday season – but are needed to increase sales. You don’t need to do everything – just try incorporating a few of these tips and tricks into your plans. 

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