Your Digital Solution for Transparency & Circularity

Your Digital Solution for Transparency & Circularity

Introducing PRM, the Product Relationship Management
Platform, designed to seamlessly connect brands, supply chains, consumers, and recyclers.

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Transparency, Circularity, Engagement.

Here are some reasons why incorporating our PRM (Product Relationship Management) tool is highly advantageous.
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Improved product transparency

Track and trace products throughout it’s entire life cycle
Identify and mitigate risks in the supply chain
Simplify and analyse complex data on an all-in-one dashboard
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Enhanced sustainability

Ensure products are meeting quality and sustainability standards
Attract and retain customers with proven social and environmental data
Meet compliance requirements and mitigate the risk of financial penalties
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Elevated customer engagement

Connect with customers in new and innovative ways
Repair, Resale and Recycle services connect to the business process
Seamless Source™ maintains a robust list of vetted partners you can rely on


Our technology empowers your business to establish a meaningful connection with your product throughout its entire lifecycle.
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Digital Product Passport

Each product is affixed with a QR code or RFID tag, generating a digital twin. When scanned by value chain partners, it offers a user-friendly visual history of previously gathered data.

Automated Value Chain​

Our system connects and visually maps a product’s journey, encompassing design, delivery, and recycling. It seamlessly integrates with suppliers’ existing systems, aiding them in bridging data gaps
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Compliance Reporting​

Suppliers and brands can swiftly produce required documents related to each product, significantly reducing the time and effort required for manual data collection and validation.

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Circularity Enabler​

Providing resellers, repairers, and recyclers with easy access to product data to support their operations, while connecting or guiding consumers to these service providers.


Trusted by businesses globally

Our technology and business is trusted by brands and businesses in different parts of the world
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Choose your plan

Choose a plan that’s right for your growing team.
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For individuals


You can pay $6500 Annually

$110 /monthly

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For Startups


You can pay $6500 Annually

$899 /monthly

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For big Companies


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