Increasing Holiday Sales – The Importance of Customer Engagement (Part 1)

It is always important for brands and businesses to look towards the season of trading and make adjustments and grow ideas for how they can best increase sales and brand reputation. 

The importance of ensuring the biggest number of sales for the Christmas period is huge, with the possibility to turn around the rest of the year and grow for the future seasons. 

How to engage customers

Engaging with your customers in the right way is key to capturing their attention for the holiday season. Every company on the map will be trying to make the most of this time of year, so you have to make sure that everything you do is centred around them and their needs.

Your customers want one thing – and that’s ease. They want the best products to gift their loved ones (and themselves) at Christmas for the best prices, and they want to find them easily. 

One potential way to become more readily accessible is to make customers aware of anything that will be happening over the holiday period through a newsletter or a subscription notification that they can keep track of.

Having an update will direct people to your products as they are reminded of the necessity of planning purchases for the upcoming season. Sending out regular reminders of the Christmas period (even if not sales focused) will make them associate it with your brand.

Build genuine relationships

You should also make sure that your attempts to reach out are personalised and have meaning. People connect better with things they relate to – so try to form an understanding with your potential customers.

Creating relationships with your customers is not something that will happen overnight, so be patient and keep attempting different ways to connect. You will be able to see their interaction with emails/posts, so adapt and respond accordingly.

Do not just accept defeat – if a customer has added something to their basket but hasn’t checked out, it’s not a lost purchase. This is simply a new opportunity to grow a relationship with them. 

Launching an abandoned cart rescue campaign is great way to increase your sales this holiday season. Maybe the customer had forgotten about their cart, or another present idea fell through last minute, or they suddenly need a new gift.

Reminding them of their basket contents and suggesting other options could change their mind and make them go through with the purchase as this would ensure an easy process.

Become their go-to for loyalty

Another way to invoke ease of purchase is to inspire loyalty – customers who put their loyalty in a brand will likely want to repurchase with them time and time again because they know that they can trust you and it is easier than trying a new brand that they aren’t 100% sure about.

Some simple ways to create loyalty for the coming months include a percentage off their next order, a complimentary product, or a 2 for 1 deal when they next shop, all of which would inspire a repeat purchase. 


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