Introducing Our Seamless Source Product Relationship Management (PRM) Platform

You spoke, and we listened… Introducing the Seamless Source Product Relationship Management Platform (PRM). The NEW innovation designed to seamlessly connect brands, supply chains, consumers, and recyclers – created by us.

Our technology is here to empower your business to establish a meaningful connection with your product throughout its entire lifecycle. 

We heard the industry, we saw the problems and we found the solution. It’s time to discover the journey of every product, digitally.

Seamless Source PRM

Since 2019, our business has set out to change the fashion industry for the better. Chathura Sudharshan, CEO & founder of Seamless Source, knows too well from his experience in fashion designing of the enormous problems with pollution generated by fashion. £5 billion – yes 5 billion pounds worth of textile waste is found to go into landfill each and every year (BBC Earth). To many, this is unacceptable.

We knew both the industry and consumer wanted to do better; and so we identified 3 specific problems that prevented this change from happening.

First we realised that the supply chains are far too complex; with a multitude of suppliers, manual data collection and management pose a challenge, as well as having no practical product tracking solution for high volume sourcing. Secondly, there is no common technology to ensure supply chain connectivity. Then thirdly, circularity is not practical at scale; with disconnected value chain partners, lack of product composition data preventing large-scale recycling, and lack of accountability.

With no such technology established to improve circularity, 5 billion pounds worth of textiles is lost to landfill.

This drive to led us to develop the Product Relationship Management (PRM) platform as the one and only solution to connect brands, supply chains, consumers, and recyclers all in one place – seamlessly.

Seamless Source Product Relationship Management Platform
Seamless Source Product Relationship Management (PRM) Dashboard

The PRM keeps the product at the centre and helps it on a circular journey. With our existing sourcing technology already at play, the platform combines automated multichannel sourcing with an integrated order management tool, enabling fashion brands to create efficient, global, and responsible supply chains.

Our product offers many benefits for our customers. Including transparency for the supply chain, compliance with legal requirements, reliability, efficient and cost-effective order management, reduced risks, simplified communication, continuous updates, and a team that supports you.

With PRM it provides the solution to:

Make Value Chains Transparent – Our system connects and visually maps a product’s journey, encompassing design, delivery, and recycling. It seamlessly integrates with suppliers’ existing systems, aiding them in bridging data gaps.

Introducing 360 Trace, the Digital Product Passport
The Seamless Source Digital Product Passport: 360 Trace (DPP). Scan to view!

Issue Digital Product Passports – Each product is affixed with a QR code or RFID tag, generating a digital twin. When scanned by value chain partners, it offers a user-friendly visual history of previously gathered data. This opens a whole new avenue for brands to gain engagement with their customers.

Automate Compliance Reporting – Suppliers and brands can swiftly produce required documents related to each product, significantly reducing the time and effort required for manual data collection and validation.

Enable Circularity – Providing resellers, repairers, and recyclers with easy access to product data to support their operations, while connecting or guiding consumers to these service providers.

Seamless Source PRM Dashboard
Seamless Source Product Relationship Management (PRM) Dashboard

Automated supply chain mapping harnesses all the data from different systems across the supply chain and helps to generate reports such as compliance reports, ESU reports, and all the relevant border control reports. All this data will be open to the recyclers, repairers and resellers where it can take fashion waste on a circular journey, and prevent £5 billion worth of products from going to landfill again.

Plus our product is proven, so far we have traced more than 5,000 products across 20 styles and have happy clients with fully developed technology!

Our PRM (Product Relationship Management) platform is here to change the fashion industry for a more sustainable and circular future.

It’s time to discover the journey of every product, digitally – today.


Want to know more? Check out our Traceability page or get in touch with any questions!

Be sure to watch out for NEW updates concerning the Seamless Source Product Relationship Management (PRM) platform.


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