Munãgiso Reusable Period Pants

Munãgiso: Sustainable and high quality reusable sanitary period pants.

“Seamless Source played a crucial role in realising Munãgiso’s vision for sustainable and high-quality reusable sanitary period pants. The team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and extensive industry knowledge allowed them to navigate Munãgiso’s project seamlessly. Meeting Munãgiso’s requirements for durability and sustainability, Seamless Source’s support is propelling the brand toward making a positive impact on young girls’ lives and addressing environmental sustainability and period poverty.”

The revolutionary brand, Munãgiso, is giving confidence to young girls during their periods with their specialised eco-friendly sanitary pants! 

Designed to keep dry and leak-free for up to 12 hours of protection, these breathable pants are not only comfortable but also eliminate odour. They are ultra-absorbent (absorbing up to 30ml of liquid using 3D technology), functional, and reusable. So girls can have a secured experience with their period, incontinence, or any other leaks while feeling like they’re wearing regular underwear and knowing they’re doing good for the environment.

According to the brand, with just 1 pair of Munãgiso period pants replaces up to 200 tampons!

Keen on sustainability? Through working with Seamless Source, Munãgiso pants are crafted to be chemical-free and made with 100% Organic Cotton – so they can provide a more sustainable solution and fulfil their visions.

The story of Munãgiso

Through growing up with a persistent fear of leaky periods into adulthood, Yves Boothe was determined to find a solution to help her daughter and other girls live with confidence during their menstrual cycles. 

So after vigorous research of period management, trialling materials and experimenting fits and styling – Munãgiso was born! 

“I like to think of our pants as a superhero cape for girls during that time of the month, offering protection, privacy and control. No more leaks… And no more embarrassment. Just confidence and empowerment everyday of the month.” – Yves Boothe

Munãgiso’s mission

They’re not just a product; they’re a movement wanting to uplift and empower. Munãgiso leads the charge and holds the belief that every girl can confidently navigate her period without stress and without worrying about leaks. Periods and puberty should never affect potential. 

As well as being kind to the environment, the brand is waging a war on period poverty. A percentage of their sales proceeds is contributed towards schools worldwide, ensuring that menstruation does not become an obstacle preventing girls from attending education.

With Munãgiso’s vision set to provide girls a healthy, safe and secure alternative for their periods, waving goodbye to those uncomfortable and unreliable products, they just needed the best supply chain and advice to bring their ideas to life. 

How Seamless Source helped

As we, Seamless Source, have a substantial list of global supply chain partners, coupled with a team possessing extensive industry knowledge and a growing portfolio of innovative products and client successes. Munãgiso had full confidence in our services to develop their concepts, launch production, and bring their brand into the marketplace.

It is through initial meetings and conversations where our expert operations team got to understand their exact needs and promptly formulated a clear supply chain strategy that best suited the brand. 

Ensuring Munãgiso had complete visibility of the project, our Seamless Source platform possesses an all-in-one order management system which is super user-friendly and easy to follow for production updates. It is also through our platform where Munãgiso could keep close communications for our support and contact with the assigned suppliers. 

The next step was to finalise the product concepts. Six styles were decided on: one “Regular” brief, an “All Day” brief, and a “Bikini” style brief as three plain styles. Additionally, these same styles were chosen again for a “Zipper” range, featuring a discreet zipped pouch to hold a spare period tampon or towel.

In the process of sourcing fabric, prioritising comfort and practicality was key. The fabric had to be durable for effective moisture absorption, aligning with the brand’s commitment to sustainability. As a result, a high-quality blend of 95% Organic Cotton and 5% Elastane was chosen for the final composition, all in the colour black.


With all the concepts and fabric finalised, it was now time for the crucial part – sampling. Munãgiso opted for physical samples of all their styles so that they could be tested for their intended function. 

The results were extremely positive, leading to the approval for bulk production to proceed in the size range: 2XS to XL. 


Seamless Source are proud to have helped Munãgiso create their range of amazing reusable period pants to such a high-quality standard. These products inspire to promote confidence in young women by being super comfortable, dry and leak-free every time they’re on their menstrual cycle. So they can live normally while at school, playing sports, sleepovers, and doing anything else they love. It’s revolutionary and sustainable! 

It’s a pleasure working with Yves and her brand, and guiding them through the entire process has been a joy. We’re thrilled to continue our support and assist in scaling up the business for new growth.

You can check out Munãgiso’s Period Pants here:

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