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SOUL CAP: Practical and inclusive high-quality swimwear.

“Partnering with Seamless Source, Soul Cap realized their vision for high-quality swimwear that breaks down barriers and enhances accessibility to water sports. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our collaboration ensured that Soul Cap’s swimwear met the highest standards of durability, functionality, and style.”

SOUL CAP is an innovative swimwear brand which has the empowering mission to make swimming more inclusive and accessible for all; specialising in high-quality, practical swim caps and swimwear.

After the success of SOUL CAP skin-friendly swim caps, which are designed for a ‘snug fit’ and a ‘tight seal’ to protect all hair types – including short-straight to long-curly, light and fine to beautiful voluminous afro – from water. The brand now introduces their own swimwear collection for all ages and all genders!

Loved by swimmers around the world (in over 50 countries!) – SOUL CAP’s swimming products are even now approved to be used in top-level competitions. With strong and reliable durability for tough conditions to suit the serious athlete and Olympic contenders; as well as modern and stylish for the casual swimmer – there’s an item for everyone. It’s inevitable the brand secured a successful collaboration with Adidas.

Through working with Seamless Source, SOUL CAP are achieving the high-quality swim pieces that they had so desired. Enabling the brand to move forward into the swimwear and water sports market, and to continue breaking down barriers.

The foundations of SOUL CAP

Michael Charles Chapman and Tokunbo Ahmed are the founders of SOUL CAP and have been best friends for 20 years. They recall swimming as “not a sport that’s open to everyone.” After learning to swim as adults and identified a real issue in the swim world.

They didn’t feel that children were receiving the support they needed. Including viewing a number of athletes failing to see a path to success; and knowing that thousands of swimmers had no access to swimwear that was suitable for them. 

It is these problems that prompted them to find the solution in creating inclusive swimwear for the sport they now love. 

“Swim For All”

By being not just a brand, but a movement. SOUL CAP are proud to champion ‘swim for all’ as their key purpose. Creating swim to be more accessible for all genders and all hair types that goes even beyond just practicality; they aim to create an aquatic space for anyone and everyone who wants to take part. 

Swimming is more than a sport and a leisure activity – it’s a life saving skill. So it’s important for the black community to feel comfortable in the water, and SOUL CAP are on a mission to break down the obstacles that hinders confidence through their products and Swim Proud Fund.

It is through hard work that the brand envisioned and perfected the swim caps to make their dreams a reality. Now with their new swimwear designs finalised for the next stage of their business, they just needed the right materials to achieve their desired quality to match up with their swim cap specifications. 

How Seamless Source helped

SOUL CAP approached Seamless Source with their full product collection but stressed that they were not happy with its finish and wanted better high-end quality pieces to put out into the market. 

After initial meetings to discuss the exact needs and plans, our industry expert team conducted a full analysis of the brand’s swimwear collection. They understood exactly what was required and swiftly mapped out an efficient supply chain strategy on the Seamless Source platform, which the SOUL CAP team could easily keep track of throughout the process. 

With the designing stage completed prior to joining our services, we moved straight into the fabric sampling and sourcing stage – saving the brand time and cost by eliminating the need to redesign. 

Out of our extensive list of manufacturing partners, SOUL CAP trusted us to choose the most suitable supplier who could elevate the quality of their products to the best standard – to which we delivered. Our operations team assigned a top fabric supplier who matched the brands requirements and provided samples which were deemed suitable and high-quality for the swimwear caps.

78% recycled polyamide and 22% Elastane knitted fabric were blended for the main fabric, and 80% recycled polyester combined with 20% Spandex knitted fabric was used for the lining material – as this would give excellent performance in water. Then once the product sample developments were also approved – bulk production could commence!

As part of our services, the brand is using our digital product passport – 360 Trace – an added benefit through sourcing with us. This fully tracks the products’ supply chain production and connects the product with recycling and circularity options. Allowing SOUL CAP the much needed transparency for their customers to view at will. 


SOUL CAP were extremely pleased with the results as we delivered exactly what we had promised. Water performance-led, high-quality strong and reliable swimwear – for the toughest water sports conditions. 

These innovations brought by SOUL CAP allow swimming to be inclusive and we are proud to be the core part of their sourcing journey.

Seamless Source will remain committed to a close collaboration with SOUL CAP, and we’re excited to see their swimwear launch this year. Get them while you can – you won’t want to miss out!

You can check out the amazing SOUL CAP swim caps and swimwear here:

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