12 Tips for Working Remotely in the Fashion Industry

The post COVID-19 pandemic has normalised work from home and remote working. It is the new normal and it is here to stay and many companies are adapting to the hybrid lifestyle with having the flexible to work from home and office. This may also seem like it’s giving us freedom. However, there are various obstacles to overcome that will ease the working transition. Here are 12 tips that should definitely help while you are adapting to the new normalised office lifestyle.


1. Sleep

No, it doesn’t mean sleep all day. We still have to do work.

If we go to sleep and wake up at a regular time each day, it will prevent us from listening to the call of sofa to have a ‘quick nap’.

2. Have a morning routine

Whether your morning begins with a cup of coffee or a full English breakfast. The time to relax is necessary to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Step out from your bed into your office, is unlikely to help with your work morale or productivity.

3. Separate your Spaces

The environment does affect your behaviour. Spending all day in bed working will only lead to frustration.

The best approach is to set up a separate workspace, which is quiet and comfortable. This ensures you have at least your bed to escape from work and relax, especially in cases where you are not allowed to leave the house.

4. Take a few breaks

– Use a Pomodoro timer if necessary to remind you to take a break.

– Breaks are allowed. Take advantage of it. This means you can make yourself break time treats in the comfort of your own kitchen.

– Take your full hour lunch break. This time is needed to switch off from your work.

– Another bonus about working from home, you can eat a hot home-cooked lunch.

– Say Goodbye to sandwiches. For some, the family could actually use the dining room to eat together.



Exercise helps to maintain your immune system and fight stress associated with quarantine. There are countless of online workouts to choose from.



This is probably one of the most important to protect your mental health in social isolation situations. This could be simply by ringing or video calling your friends during your breaks.


7. Get dressed

You may not need to go to the office, but you still need to get into the mind frame of working. Getting dressed may actually make you feel more ready for the workday.

Avoid pyjamas. Remember ‘No Naps’.

8. Set your Hours

Working from home does enable you to set your own hours, but no matter when you choose, you still have to do the work.

Have set working hours whether that is 9-5, probably a time connected to your usual work routine. This will make for an easier adjustment. This will help to prevent under or overwork stress.

Structure is essential.


9. Turn off Notifications

‘Out of sight and Out of mind’ is true when it comes to social media notifications.
If you wouldn’t do it in the office, then you should do it when working from home.

10. Plan your Evenings

Plan something fun for your evening to do as a reward for finishing your work.

This can be as watching your favourite new Netflix series or starting the personal project you have been putting off for a while.

11. Listen to Music

Maybe you’re used to a lively work environment with all your colleagues in the background. Listening to some music may help to break the silence and focus.


12. Go outside

Go outside for a walk. Obviously, this depends on where in the world you are and whether you are restricted from doing so.

Just stepping outside your front door could be useful to clear your head.



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