5 Great Sources to Find Fashion Inspiration

Times can get tough and you can sometimes find yourself at a creative block.Thinking of where to start to find some good old fashion inspiration can be quite tricky, but there are many options out there for you to start exploring.

1. The Internet

here is nothing more obvious than using the internet to find some fashion inspiration. However, identifying what platforms to use may be difficult, so we have made some suggestions for you:

WGSN (Worth Global Style Network)

WGSN is an online trend forecasting website founded in 1998. They are the first online platform to combine high-end technology with human ingenuity to meet the unique needs of the creative industry. WGSN offer a range of content that covers insights and inspiration from all over the world.

WGSN requires a monthly/ yearly subscription fee (there are different offers depending whether you’re a small business or student), by signing up you will have full access to past, previous and present trend reports that cover all aspects within the creative industry; ranging from garments to interior.  It is a great way to catch an idea of what is trending as this can help you to decide what you may want to incorporate into your own designs.


Produced in 1997, Drapers is known to be the ‘online bible’ for the fashion industry. Drapers is an online (and offline) platform that strives to educate, inspire and connect with individuals who are in and are interested in the world of creativity and innovation. They provide a range of articles that discuss the fashion economy and provide a ton of available fashion events across the UK and worldwide. Drapers are slightly more business based compared to sites such as WGSN, however the platform still connects back to fashion.


A simple scroll through image-based platform Pinterest should spark some creativity within you. With literally thousands of images posted from all over the world, you’re bound to find some inspiration on the free to use platform.

2. Fashion Magazines

Image-Heavy Magazines

Print is not dead! Fashion magazines are a great way of finding inspiration towards your own creativity.Most magazines such as Dazed / Hunger and Toilet Paper magazine are more visual rather than written content, so this is perfect if you’re looking to inspire from some photography and styling!

Image and Content-Based Magazines

Magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Vanity fair have a good mix of photo-shoots, campaigns and interviews with people from all over the creative industry.Using these magazines are a clear form of inspiration and it’s a great way to learn about emerging brandsand fashion designers!

3. Museums and Galleries

There is nothing better than getting out and going to any local exhibitions / museums or galleries. If you’re from the UK there are a ton of museums and galleries you can attend;

  1. Victoria and Albert Museum (London)
  2. Natural History Museum (London)
  3. Saatchi Gallery (London)
  4. Sir John Soanes Museum (London)
  5. The National Portrait Gallery (London)
  6. Barbican Centre (London)
  7. Museum of London
  8. Fashion Museum (in Bath)
  9. Gallery of English Costume (Manchester)
  10. Devonshire Collection of Period Costume (Devon)
  11. York Castle Museum (York)
  12. Northampton Museum and Art Gallery (Northampton)
  13. The Blandford Fashion Museum (Dorset)
  14. Platt Hall (Manchester)
  15. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

4. Markets

If you’re a fashion designer in particular, going to a variety of fabric markets and looking at all the prints, colours and textures may spark some creativity out of you. Consider taking some of your design sketches so that you can match it to the fabrics that you like.

Don’t just stop there. Take a look at the vintage market stalls and other surrounding stalls. Most markets sell a variety of different products on each of their stalls; from old CDs and posters to jewellery and antiques. Finding inspiration here is very likely!

Some UK based markets include:

  1. Portobello Road Market (London)
  2. Shepherds Bush Market (London)
  3. Magic Fabrics (Leicester)
  4. Belle Fabrics (Leigh on Sea)
  5. Guthrie and Ghani (Birmingham)
  6. Walthamstow Market (London)
  7. Glasgow Mandors
  8. Edinburgh Fabrics
  9. Stone Fabrics (Devon)
  10. Victoria Market (Nottingham)

5. Fashion Films and Documentaries

Fashion films and documentaries are a great way to source some inspiration from the comfort of your own home! Some of these well know fashion films include:

  1. Bill Cunningham: New York (2010)
  2. >Dior and I (2014)
  3. Yves Saint Laurent (2014)
  4. Coco Before Chanel (2009)
  5. Valentino: The Last Emperor (2008)
  6. The First Monday in May (2016)
  7. Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel (2011)
  8. Fresh Dressed (2015)
  9. Phantom Thread (2017)
  10. Fashions of 1934 (1934)

These are some great primary and secondary sources of information that you can refer to. Allowing yourself to use one or more of the materials everyday should hopefully get your creative juices flowing and enable you to think of some unique fashion designs!


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