5 Marketing Apps that will Boost your Fashion Business

We are all consumed into our smartphones- there is no denying of that. But knowing some great fashion apps that will be beneficial to you. If you are a fashion business owner, it is important to know all the current and upcoming trends for your clothing line. Whilst word of mouth still plays a part in the prediction of trends, digital platforms play an even bigger part.

Data released from Google reveals that mobile is the future of retail (but I am sure you all already knew this). Over 64 per cent of smartphone shoppers turn to mobile before heading out to a store according to ThinkWithGoogle. Mobiles are ideal as brands can communicate with customers via live chats on their website, and essentially help drive sales.

But what apps are there that you can use via your phone as a marketing tool for your own fashion brand?

As a small business owner of a fashion clothing line, you may feel at conflict with your marketing strategy. Being consistent in your content and promotions is one of the key rules within the marketing game. The more you post, in theory, the more trafficking and recognition you will get for your fashion brand. But we understand, this isn’t always ideal. Posting several times a day through a variation of different social media apps, as well as ensuring you’re completing the SEO checks (hashtags and so on), amongst many other marketing tasks like sending out promo emails can be quite daunting, and quite frankly, it can be a forgetful task! Persistency is key, but with a little help of some marketing apps we suggest, we hope that it will make your life a little bit easier.

5 Top Marketing Apps to Download Instantly:

1. Mention

Ensuring you are catering to the ever-changing needs of your customers is important, you’ll need to keep track of what comments people make about your fashion company. This can be fairly hard to keep track with on all your platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc), especially whilst you are running the rest of your business! Mention is an app that lets you set certain keywords and monitor millions of sources that mention it (in comments etc), in addition to this, the app also collects all the statistics from it.


2. Perka

Another fantastic app is Perka. For you fashion business, you may want to create a loyalty programme for you returning/ frequent customers. In most places (especially within the beauty field), you’ll most-likely get a small business card that gets stamped. Perka, takes this idea digitally. By enabling a loyalty scheme online, you’re ensuring your customer feels important. This app is definitely worth trying if you do want to pursue a loyalty scheme for your fashion business- and it is free after all!

3. Google Ads

Google Ads (or Google AdWords) will allow you to add some more ‘oomph’ to your website traffic. Google Ads is an online advertising platform, advertisers can pay to display their advertisements, service offerings, video content and so on. This is great if you want to do an ‘pay per click’ advertising. This option is fairly pricey and there are no refunds! Ensure you are handling your finances in marketing with care and be aware of what is best for your fashion brand! Checking your daily spending should help keep track and be more organized.

4. Get Response

You will probably most of your email marketing planned out for your fashion business already. You may want to check how your email promotions did, with GetResponse, it is simple to do so. You will be able to see dashboard stats, check the growth of your list, see individual emails in an autoresponder series and view thumbnails of past emails. It’s a great app to keep things organised, clear and on track. Keeping up to dates with your past promotional emails should hopefully give you an idea on how to improve them in the near future for your fashion brand.

5. Hootesuite

Hootesuite is a fantastic app that helps you manage your social media platforms for your fashion brand. Created by Ryan Holmes in 2008, the system’s user interface is formatted like a dashboard and supports social network activities and posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

Considering all of these marketing apps there are to offer to help function your fashion business is definitely something you should consider. Using these apps will allow you to schedule your posts, analyse your online trafficking well and handle your emails. It will save a lot of time in the long run and give you more time to focus on other aspects of your fashion business, such as the design process or the manufacturing logistics! It is important to remember that if you are a small fashion business, ensure you are investing in the most suitable app for you and your finances- remember that you can invest in additional supportive apps in the long run.


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