8 New Natural Textile Materials for your Fashion Collection

Natural fabrics are essentially textiles that are made up of natural fibres, they’ve been
around for hundreds of years and are great for the environment. With no harsh chemicals to
harm our environment, it is an ideal alternative to use if you are thinking of starting your
own clothing line. By choosing natural fabrics, you can also sell your products at a
reasonable price and they will last very long!

We have put together a list of the top 8 natural fabrics that you can use in your daily life as
well as invest in. It is good to become familiar with the different natural fabrics that there
are to offer, as it will mean you understand the making process of them and be able to help
our environment.

1. Linen

One of the oldest natural fabrics known to man, Linen is a derived from fibres of the
flax plant. The fibre is super strong, absorbent and dries much faster than cotton,
which makes it great for hot weather. Many garments are lines with linen, as it is
value for its comfort and freshness during humid weather. Some other advantages of
linen include; it resists sunlight, it is washable and it is non-allergenic.

2. Cotton

Cotton is known for its versatility. It is a very soft and comforting fibre that grows in a
‘boil’ around the seeds of the cotton plants of the Gossypium. The fibre is
breathable, durable and easy to maintain. Similar to linen, the texture of cotton is
very soft and comfortable and is a popular fabric used in most forms of clothing.



3. Silk

Silk is a natural protein-based fibre. The protein fibre of silk is composed of fibroin
and is spun by the good old silk worm. Silk is known for its beautiful texture and it is
known to drape well, be breathable and hypoallergenic- what’s not to love about it?
Silk is used mainly for night attire and evening gowns and has a lot of high value to it.



4. Wool

Wool is a protein- based fibre obtained from sheep and other animals. It is great as it
can be blended with man-made fibres, making it easy and versatile to use. Great for
winter essentials, wool is a fantastic choice as it is warm, flexible, durable and it can
dye fairly easily, which means you can have a lot of creative freedom with it.


5. Bamboo

The fibres of bamboo are produced from the bamboo plant itself. It takes roughly 3
years to fully process bamboo, and can be used to make a variety of things, such as
clothes, accessories and it is even used for medicinal purposes. Bamboo is very soft,
durable and it is also easy to maintain.

6. Jute

Jute is a fairly long and soft vegetable fibre that can be spun into very strong threads.
It is produced mainly from plants and is known for its uses in making cloth for
wrapping bales of raw cotton and is also fantastic for making coverings, curtains,
carpets and so on. Jute is 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable.

7. Mohair

Mohair is known to be a ‘silk-like’ fabric and is made from the hair of the Angora
goat. It is super resilient and is known for its sheen, lustre and ‘diamond-like’
appearance. It also has great heat-regulating properties. Both visually pleasing and
functional, mohair is a fabric that you should definitely invest in.


8. Hemp

Hemp is derived from the cannabis plant. It is one of the fastest growing plants to be
spun into a useable fibre. It can be used for a variety of product, such as clothing,
construction materials, paper and so on, therefore its versatility is excellent. It is also
very durable, naturally resistant to mould and it does not lose its shape easily.
Some great advantages as to why it is better to go for natural fabrics is because first
and foremost- it is great for the environment, but it is also great for you. You will find
that most natural fabrics are biodegradable, durable, comfortable, heat responsive
and naturally repellent to mould. Many fibres (such as cotton) also grow organically,
meaning that no harsh chemicals are used in its process. Although this makes cotton
more expensive, it is long-lasting and has great factors, therefore it is most-definitely
worth your money.
Natural fabrics moistures wicking abilities allow the fabric to feel ventilated, leaving a
nice feeling on your skin. These certain natural fabrics (such as linen) will keep you
cool during hot and stick weather. As well as this, natural fabrics are far better for
sensitive skin and causes less or almost no irritation.

What’s Trending for 2019/2020

In recent affairs, ‘coffee leather’ has been a hit. Made from recyclable coffee beans
and plants, a high-end sneaker brand nat-2 has launched a VEGAN sneaker made
from coffee leather itself. Although it comes at a fairly big price tag ($700), it is in
high demand!

We also have Pineapple Leather. Hugo Boss launched a pair of pineapple leather
shoes (otherwise known as Pinatex), the leather is made from fibres of the pineapple
leave. It is chemical free, natural and has a very low environmental impact. The
appearance of this innovative leather is also rather appealing!


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