The Seamless Source Story

Chathura Sudharshan

“The fashion supply chains always suffer from a set of problems related to unreliable suppliers, complex networks, costly operations, time-consuming follow-ups, less sustainable ethics and limited transparency. At Seamless Source, we want to work with you to build a global community to digitalise the supply chain to eliminate all the above negative issues while building a better fashion industry.”

Chathura Sudharshan

Founder &  CEO


“The fashion supply chains always suffer from a set of problems related to unreliable suppliers, complex networks, costly operations, time-consuming follow-ups, less sustainable ethics and limited transparency. At Seamless Source, we want to work with you to build a global community to digitalise the supply chain to eliminate all the above negative issues while building a better fashion industry.”

Chathura Sudharshan

Founder & CEO


Seamless Source started in 2019 as a small startup in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Our founder, Chathura has worked in different roles in the fashion industry in diverse parts of the world. In his work with fashion brands, he found that small and medium-size fashion businesses (SME) face three supply chain-related problems.

  • Sourcing difficulties – SME fashion businesses struggle to find reliable, responsible and sustainable suppliers for the growth or beginning of their fashion business without industry networks and connections.
  • Complex & costly – Communication and order tracking is extremely complicated and costly while management tools are not available and affordable for SME fashion businesses.
  • Lacks transparency – There is a lack of transparency in the fashion supply chain where, most of the time, middle parties present a barrier between brands and suppliers.

Our intention with Seamless Source was to support fashion businesses with innovative mechanisms for these problems. We developed an automated omnichannel sourcing platform and integrated order management tool to help your brand build a digitalised, faster, leaner and more responsible supply chain, all in one place with industry-leading, reliable, responsible and sustainable suppliers across the globe.

Think of what Shopify does for front-end e-commerce. We are the sourcing backbone for you to value chain management. With our technology and support, fashion brands from around the world can make products and manage their supply chain from concept to production all in one place while enjoying a coffee on their favourite sofa.

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  • Seamless Source cuts costs and time – With our inbuilt order management tool, fashion businesses can reduce costs by 20% and improve efficiency up to 50%. SME fashion businesses are able to track orders in one place.
  • Seamless source provides transparency – With our digital supply chain, brands get 50% extra visibility of the production journey and a blockchain-technology-based tracking system provides an additional layer of trust and security. 
  • Responsible and digital supply chain – Suppliers are assigned a social, environmental, and reliability-based score through our proprietary scoring system. Our algorithm favours high-scoring suppliers, rewarding them with more orders, as an incentive to have a socially responsible fashion ecosystem.
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Leadership Team

Chathura Sudarshan

Chathura Sudharshan


Sean Ansett

Sustainability Advisor
Ashok - Seamless Source

Ashok Vasa

Chief Technology Officer
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Business Lead
Rob jarvis -seamless source

Rob Jarvis

Business Advisor
Asanka - Operations - Seamless Source

Asanka Godamunne

Head of Operations
Sanjeewa - Account Manager - Seamless Source

Sanjeewa Batangala

Merchandising Account Manager
Ranmini - Seamless Source

Ranmini Ariyawansa

Merchandising Executive
Chathura Sudarshan

Chathura Sudharshan


Sean Ansett

Sustainability Officer
Udesh Tissera - Seamless Source

Udesh Tissera

Head of Operations
Rob jarvis -seamless source

Rob Jarvis

Business Advisor
Priyabhath - Project Manager - Seamless Source

Priyabhath Sihanuka

Project Manager
Gihan - Seamless Source

Gihan Sandeepa

Full Stack Developer
Ravindu - Seamless Source

Ravindu Amaya

Full Stack Developer
Ravishan - Seamless Source

Ravishan Balasooriya

QA Engineer
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Full Stack Developer
Yasiru - Full Stack - Seamless Source

Yasiru Deshan

Full Stack Developer
Sachin - Full Stack - Seamless Source

Sachin Lakshan

Full Stack Developer
Jocelyn Barber - Seamless Source

Jocelyn Barber

Design Lead

Our Awards & Press

Libra 1.0 TechNation, UK

Innovators For Sustainable Fashion, University of Cambridge, UK

Top Team Award, European Innovation Academy, Italy

Digital Disruptor Award, Mainframe, UK

Digital Disruptor Award, Mainframe, UK

Santander Entrepreneurship Award, Nottingham Trent University, UK

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to a question, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will help answer your queries.

We are an automated sourcing platform that helps you connect with reliable, ethical and sustainable manufacturers. Our service allows you to easily manage your ordering process in one place.

Fashion brands can easily manage up to 5 orders per month for free all in one place with our in-built order management and tracking tool. We help SME fashion businesses, fashion start-ups and independent designers in the e-commerce space to help them go global. Whether you are an independent commercial brand, large-scale fashion brand or a boutique store, we can assist you with order management.

Through our platform, your brand can be matched with suppliers that are required for your business. You can use the platform to communicate, share tech packs, receive quotes, request samples and manage production from design to delivery, all from one dashboard while tracking all the actions in the supply chain. We provide you with an account manager to manage your orders.

You will be assigned an account manager to support you throughout the process. They will help you select sustainable and ethical suppliers and filter suppliers by location (local/offshore), minimum/maximum order quantity, material availability and more. 

Order management is a breeze. With our platform, all communication and order management are kept in one place, making your upcoming collections easy to manage. Our platform is efficient and reliable and you are matched with Seamless Source-approved suppliers who operate ethically. You can save time and money, reduce risks and manage your orders easily with the help of a dedicated and experienced account manager.

The current problems identified in the fashion industry are a severe lack of transparency in the supply chain, unethical and unsustainable practises with irreversible environmental damage caused by the disturbing rise of fast fashion, poor communication and expensive tracking tools.

Only fully vetted and audited suppliers can join our platform to ensure they operate sustainably and in an ethical manner. Our dedicated account managers will be able to link your fashion brand to these sustainable suppliers, which would otherwise be hard to do without industry connections. At present, we are also working hard to ensure we are actively working towards the UN 2030 sustainable development goals.

The minimum/maximum order quantity with a manufacturer depends on their capabilities and can range from just one item to hundreds of thousands and even more. You can filter suppliers by minimum order quantities on our platform. Sign up for free and talk to our dedicated account managers to find out what these are.


Depending on the fabric type, it can range from 4 to 12 weeks.

Delivery times vary depending on the service you require and the shipping company delivering the service. If you are not sure, it is safer to ask beforehand. With our Silver Seamless Source package, we can also offer you competitive shipping rates. Find out more here:

Our dedicated and experienced account managers are ready to help develop your fashion business. If you need some guidance on getting started on our platform, they will be attentive to your every need and concern.

We are a UK-based company but we work with clients across all countries.


You can start by signing up here: to use the platform FREE, with no hidden fees or charges. With our totally free plan, you can manage up to 5 orders per month. We also offer paid packages, tailored to your needs and requirements. Prices vary based on the size of your business and the volume of goods produced. Find out more here:

We have helped over 100 different fashion brands, from 8 countries across the globe to design and develop their collections. Some of our clients are new start-ups with just an idea to begin a fashion brand, while the others are well-established brands.

You can start from the moment you sign up on our platform. Once you are registered, a dedicated account manager will be in touch to schedule a call with you to get the process started.

We have manufacturing partners in the UK, Poland, Romania, Italy, France, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and Nepal.

We have about 50 different manufacturing partners globally with a wide range of capabilities.

We can arrange the development of sustainable fashion, high-tech products including wearable electronics, technical activewear, seamless garments, swimwear, leather accessories, kidswear and much more.

Our highly experienced team of account managers can pair you with a supplier who will meet your needs and requirements.

We have a variety of factories. Some are very small home-run factories supporting families and the local economy. Some are fully established bigger-scale factories. Regardless of the factory size or name, we always carry out vigorous vetting and auditing to ensure factories are working ethically and sustainability and meet legal regulations and standards before they onboard to Seamless Source.

We source our manufacturers in two different ways. Either we reach out to the manufacturer or they approach us. Then we carry out rigorous auditing and checkups to ensure that they meet our standards before they join our platform. We regularly conduct site visits and checkups and maintain communication with all factories to ensure regulations are adhered to.

Yes, you can visit your manufacturer if you wish to.

We only work with highly certified factories that adhere to the highest social and environmental standards.

No. Samples and courier charges relating to sampling are an additional cost. Samples are always more expensive than the price per unit because of higher labour cost and handling fees to make one unit and prepare it for shipment rather than one bulk order.

Most of our manufacturers will source materials on your behalf.

Sampling is a time consuming and expensive process for manufacturers. So, when factories offer “free samples”, they will incorporate these costs into the unit price. Plus, sampling is not without its environmental impact. At Seamless Source, we believe that paying for samples upfront can help make businesses more conscious of the number of samples they request.