Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Trend Forecast to Consider for your Fashion Brand

As we approach mid-way into 2019, it is a good idea to know the up and coming trends for Autumn/ Winter 2019-20, especially if you’re a fashion brand owner, so that you can bring the best of styles to incorporate into your brand.

A new take on tradition sees the combination of American and British out-door heritage styles with a modern sportswear influence. A mix of heavily textured fabrics with vintage prints comes into apparel wear, footwear and accessories. This is one of the ‘macro’ themes that have been predicted for AW/2019/20, pushing for longevity in each piece. Whether this is an influence from the talk around sustainability, we support items that last longer and can be re-worn!

A fuse of traditional fabrics and motifs with a modern twist offers the best of both worlds. Functionality and performance are important in each item and as a result these factors broaden the appeal of the ‘classic’ style to a wide audience.

The ‘Beyond Heritage’ Trend:


In the world of apparel, the ‘Beyond Heritage’ trend plays a huge role. Using heavy statements for outer layers infused with subtle sportswear / streetwear vibes alongside with traditional patterns, this is a reimagine for a ‘new’ generation. A classic print with an over-sized 90s vibe silhouette is the perfect way to infuse two generations of trends and create a completely new one!


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