Capsule Wardrobes – What Are They and How Can You Build Yours?

British boutique owner Susie Faux is credited with the phrase ‘capsule wardrobe’ after she used the idea to help women refine their wardrobes to only include high-quality essentials that could be worn interchangeably.

Did you know that on average women wear just 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? With more and more awful truths about the industry’s ethical failures and its unsustainability being exposed every day, it’s time to get serious about our waste.

Investing in a few, high-quality items can feel a little indulgent at first but when you consider the environmental ramifications of cheap, disposable clothing, the benefits speak for themselves.

The best capsule wardrobes consist of pieces that transcend trends. These are staple pieces that you should take time to source; make sure they fit properly and are made from the best quality fabrics you can afford.

So why choose a capsule wardrobe?

Saves time

Because you only keep your favourite clothes, you already know everything you own looks and feels great. You don’t waste time weeding through clothes you don’t love, don’t fit, don’t look great on or don’t feel great. You don’t waste time trying on multiple outfits every morning trying to find something that looks and feels good.

You can even keep an inspiration board or a notebook with all your best outfit pairings if you’re really struggling to find inspiration in a short space of time, with limited items to choose from this makes the whole process much more simple and will give you time to relax in the morning!

Better for the environment

When you limit what you buy, you’ll naturally give more thought to each item before making the purchase, and that same effort is what keeps you from flippantly discarding a skirt or sweater later.

When we buy less, and wear it longer, we decrease the demand for clothing production, which has a positive impact on the environment. Having a small capsule collection instead of a bustling wardrobe will help you to change your mindset on fashion, even if you’re just capsuling certain parts of your wardrobe.

To ensure we can create a better future for fashion, holding ourselves accountable is key to moving forwards.

Saves money

A capsule wardrobe helps curb excessive or mindless shopping. Although you may buy higher quality clothing items for your capsule, you tend to buy fewer clothes in general. By sticking to your Capsule plan keeps you from buying pieces you’ll only wear once or twice–or not at all, because you have nothing to wear with them.

You can also reinvent old items that you have forgotten about and this can inspire you to do wonderful things without breaking the bank. Re-purposing clothing not only helps with sustainability but also helps keep costs low so that you can spend money on the more important parts of life.

Less stress

Studies have shown that we have a limited amount of decision-making power each day before we are mentally exhausted. A capsule wardrobe makes deciding what to wear easier.

Owning fewer clothes also means you have more space and room to breathe in your closet – your closet and drawers are tidy and organized because you have fewer items of clothing filling them and its easier to maintain.

Combatting stress is an important factor to include in your life, as it can see an increase in mindset and mentality when stress is reduced from your everyday tasks. Removing the extra steps for getting dressed in the morning can seem trivial, but when combined with other day-to-day stressors it could be the factor allowing you to go about your day with ease.

Boosts confidence

A capsule wardrobe makes it easier to notice your style preferences and what you look and feel best in. As you weed out the things that don’t work, you’re left with clothes you love that look and feel great. You are better able to figure out your style and what clothes work best for you.

When you are clear and confident in your style, it boosts your confidence. Being the most confident version of yourself is essential and what you should always be aiming for, so go for it and get the capsule wardrobe of your dreams!

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