How to find Fashion Influencers for your fashion brand?

How to choose?

There are many questions that a brand may require for beneficial fit with a particular influencer. These are some of the bare essentials that brands should consider:
  • Influencer’s online presence
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Number of followers
  • Age demographic
  • The topics that the influencer is interested in
  • Category of influencer
The overarching question that should be asked:

What are your options?

There are various routes brands pursue to collaborate with an influencer.There are so many influencers, so the quickest way to find potential relevant influencers is through an agency. They will assist in the speeding up the communication. This can be an expensive way for a small brand.Some well-known agencies include:Hire Influence  – NY, USA Qumin                – China Goat Agency      – London, UK 6Degrees            – Copenhagen, DK Urban Nerds     – London, UK

Research your best options

Launchmetrics is a useful platform to use in understanding consumer behaviour and gain valuable insight of potential response to different marketing strategies. This is more useful in the long-term as THE brand grows.

Make your own connections

Brands may already have particular influencers in mind because of the shared values and aesthetics. Brands may need to take a gradual process to ensure a successful collaborate. These steps could include:
    1. Ask the influencer to fit for an interview to be featured on the brand’s platform
    2. Get influencer to share a review about the brand’s products
    3. Get the influencer to collaborate on the launch of a new product
These steps can help brands to test social engagement with their collaboration and determine the decision of funding an exclusive collaboration.Source: Photoslurp, Influencer Marketing Hub, Launchmetrics 

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