5 Ways to Increase Sustainability in Your Fashion Brand Today

Sustainability‘ is the buzzword of today’s fashion industry. It is the key concentration for today’s generation and fashion brands.

An ever-increasing number of brands are focused on sustainability and numerous shoppers are willing to pay more for items that are economically and environmentally friendly.

Whatever your business, there are advantages to ensuring your image is zeroing in on sustainability. However, it is not just about aiming to go sustainable – as fashion brands have received a lot of negative criticism for greenwashing.

Hence, it is also important for fashion brands to understand the difference between sustainability and greenwashing. You can read more about greenwashing in our latest greenwashing blog here.

These are the 5 ways you can increase sustainability for your brand today.

1. Reduce Plastic Packaging 

A reduction in packaging is one of the top things that consumers look out for when they want to choose a sustainable brand in this generation.

If you are producing and packaging products yourself, then aim to make more sustainable choices by reducing plastics and waste products. If you are running a retail or service business, choose to stock and use products that have made an effort to reduce their packaging. 

2. Recycle And Upcycle starts from your organisation 

It is not about just manufacturing and designing clothes ethically, it starts within your organisation. When it comes to your everyday recycling, make sure that it is as easy as possible for your employees.

Place recycling bins in all offices and staff areas so that it isn’t a chore to recycle. You can also get recycling dividers to place into desk bins, so each member of staff has their own recycling bin right by their side throughout the day.

By encouraging recycling among your team, it will eventually become a part of the workplace. culture, which is exactly what you want when trying to become a more sustainable brand. 

recycling - sustainable progression

3. Measure Your Waste

As a fashion business, it tends to be not difficult to be guileless to the real measure of waste being delivered.

On the off chance that you really need to turn into a more sustainable brand, you should know about how much waste is created by your organization.

With papers, water bottles, plastic cups, office supplies, espresso cases, and paper towels being the absolute most basic by products from an office, it is not difficult to perceive how these can add up.  

Practices are all the more effectively changed when you have a few numbers to quantify against. At the point when you are given the aggregate sum of waste delivered by your business, it tends to be simpler to then roll out reasonable improvements which are quantifiable. 

Waste management

4. Eco-Friendly Equipment for your organisation

We have effectively addressed how innovation can be utilized to lessen the measure of movement and outflows delivered by your business, however, innovation can likewise help manageability in the working environment.

Programmed switch frameworks and sensors can be fitted for lights so that if space isn’t being utilized, the lights can be turned off to save power.

The equivalent goes for warming and indoor regulators, where work environments don’t need warming or cooling for the time being or the end of the week. 


5. Put sustainability at the heart of a larger project

Becoming a more “sustainable” brand does not happen overnight neither over a “one-shot” project. It’s a long process.

In recent years, consumers have lost the confidence they had in businesses, and this is even truer when it comes to their communication on issues related to sustainable development or health. 

To put it another way: they no longer believe in corporate speeches. Regaining people’s confidence is hard work where evidence needs to be well communicated.

Organizations need to embark on a global brand identity renewal project. They need to refocus, find what broke that trust in the first place and then repair it. 

positive sustainability

If you are a fashion brand and thinking of taking a step towards a sustainable approach. We in Chanodil aim to provide you with reliable, ethical, and sustainable manufacturers. Book your meeting with us and check our pricing plans.


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