Increasing Holiday Sales – Creating a Unique Experience (Part 2)

With the holidays being such a competitive time of year, it is important to gain an understanding of what customers want out of their shopping experiences in order to grow and make more sales.

In this part of our holiday sales series we will be going through how you can add a unique twist to your brand so that you can stand out from the crowd!

How do you get ahead of the shopping curve?

In 2021 – the initial hunt usually means going straight online and searching something related to ‘gifts for…’ and browsing the endless supply of items. So how are you supposed to be their first choice (especially if your focus is on bricks and mortar)?

Well, before a customer will make a final purchase, they will usually shop around. To start increasing your sales, you need to increase interest. Your brand will need something to stand out with to get them to click on your website or enter your store in the initial decision-making process. 

But how do you do this successfully? The key to this is to create an experience that will engage people in the shortest-time possible! 

Increase physical and mental engagement quickly

The holidays are usually a bit of a ‘rush’ so combatting this in the best way is important to keep sales increased. Make sure that your website and shops are updated and ready to go, with all the information, demos and reviews you might need.

Don’t allow for disjointedness – have everything located in one place and make it visually pleasing, allowing the customer to find exactly what they want without wading through everything they don’t want like on competitors sites.

Ensure that your offering the best possible options – make sure to price check competitors, look at their packaging and make yours better. Constantly review which areas you can be improving on and make the changes – your customers will reward your dedication with purchases.

Add fun experiental aspects

You could also look into creating a unique experience through event or activities people can get involved in. Experiential shopping has become the new thing for getting customers in-store post Covid-19, and it can be transferred online as well, so if you have the means then try it out!

The festive spirit is so important for customers around Christmas, with people prioritising spending time with loved-ones and focusing on self-care. There are a multitude of ways to use this to create unforgettable experiences.

Examples to try out include holiday pop-ups, livestream shopping, augmented reality, make-overs, personal styling sessions, and picture trails. You could also try offering prizes for engaging with your brand – such as posting a photo of your product with a hashtag on social media for the chance to win a free product hamper.

The most important thing to remember is to think outside of the box, and to make sure you’re thinking of your customer first! Check out the other posts in this series over on our blog.


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