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Madam Apparel: a comfortably conscious collection


Madam Apparel integrates confidence and comfort into a range of bras and underwear to create products that are adaptable to everyday life and wear.

The Madam story traces its steps back to the name – to confident women who desire products that reflect their beauty as the brand believes that ‘nothing makes a product more beautiful than the woman who wears it.’ Its vision is to cater to customers that want comfortable, wireless lingerie that do not compromise in aesthetics and quality.

Gone are the days of replaceable underwear, as women search for lifelong pieces that will endure. Madam wanted to incorporate into its brand identity this keenness to reduce the need for new. The team came to us to ensure that the company’s products were manufactured with sustainability and longevity in mind, with repurposed materials being utilised throughout.

An underwear revolution


The lingerie market has seen some astonishing changes in recent years, with brand dominance changing and new niches developing. With the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic being felt, a revolution to comfortable and practical underwear has created a new norm.

Push-up wired bras and polyester briefs are out and cosy bralettes and recycled cotton jersey thongs are in. Creating these products would be a breeze through our suppliers, with the potential for creating the revolution at their fingertips!

How Seamless Source helped Madam


With the idea of a new collection, Holly, the owner of Madam reached out to our industry expert team at Seamless Source to discuss the next steps. We jointly developed a production process to ensure we could develop Holly’s design ideas from concept to delivery seamlessly.

As a new venture, the tech packs for the lingerie collection were the first step to be developed to ensure that the products made would be as they were initially imagined. Secondly, we worked on sourcing the ideal fabrics that met Holly’s needs related to look, performance and cost including the use of sustainable deadstock fabric with the best quality and comfort.

With our global sourcing connections, Seamless Source was able to connect Madam Apparel to several clothing manufacturers who could fulfil orders responsibly and quickly even while under the pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After we completed the initial steps, we immediately kickstarted sample production to ensure that the products could get to market for sale. Sampling was completed in only a few weeks following specific guidelines to ensure the products were a great fit for Madam’s customers.

Products were delivered on time and in a high-quality manner in only three weeks even during the pandemic.
Additionally, Seamless Source was able to support Holly by sending finalised samples to a number of influencers and content creators to photograph the Madam garments for promotion.
These promotional efforts contributed to the products being sold out in only one and a half weeks.

The results


The order process was very smooth, and Madam was able to create their new range of underwear through the help of our platform.

This success allowed Madam to place repeat orders to meet their growing demand. An updated range was created in black, white and grey that are available on the Madam Apparel website and Instagram.

We were honoured to work with Holly and assist her team at Madam to have a successful product launch.
If you would like us to help your brand with a whole range of production needs from tech pack creation to final production, please contact us on our seamless supply platform and book a time to meet with one of our fashion experts.


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