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At Seamless Source, we have been working on developing the best solutions for fashion brands to create products from concept to delivery.

CEO and founder, Chathura Sudharshan, started our company with knowledge of three supply-chain problems; lack of transparency in the supply-chain; sourcing difficulties where SME fashion businesses struggle to find reliable, responsible and sustainable suppliers without industry networks and connections; and also, complex and costly processes where order tracking and communication is extremely complicated being unavailable or non-affordable for SME fashion businesses.

So Chathura aimed to fix this and support small to medium-sized fashion businesses by developing an automated omnichannel sourcing platform with an integrated order management tool to help build a digitalised, faster, leaner and more responsible supply chain – all in one place with industry-leading, reliable, responsible and sustainable suppliers across the globe, that fashion brands can easily access.


We have two easy ways to allow fashion businesses to seamlessly order and create their products. First being with a Website Platform, which has already been successfully running since 2019. But now we are introducing our 2022 Mobile Application, which makes our relationship with you, our clients, even simpler.

With an app, you can sort and keep an eye on your clothing orders, receive notifications regarding developments and messages, manage your document library by viewing and uploading documents via your device and even instantly talk to manufacturers, suppliers and your account manager – all on the go.

At Seamless Source, global sourcing has never been easier.


Starting with the effortless and reliable Dashboard for all clients and Seamless Source Account Managers. Communication is no longer a problem within the fashion manufacturing process. As a client, you will know exactly who is making your clothes and who is involved in every step-to-step process. You will be in the loop, from the discussion lining out what you want and need to the minute they are delivered to your door.

In any online ordering process, there’s always understandable anxiety with waiting for the final production, which is why we wanted to incorporate a detailed client and company relationship. For once, you won’t be talking to a fully-automated AI assistant about your needs and receive tedious answers. You will be talking to an expert from our team, who can lead you through our Dashboard so that you can have trust in each step of your manufacturing work.

Not only will you have an idea of the step-to-step development, but you will also have specific updates. Dates and times for when each stage is started, completed or potentially delayed. At the exact point of the happenings too.

Another benefit of this dashboard mentioned above is the transparency behind knowing who makes your clothes. With complete contact information, including name and address, you can do a full background check on our workers for that little bit of extra security. We know that no one likes to be kept in the dark, so this is why our Dashboard keeps you in the light.


Oral communication is of massive importance within our platform, and the entire design, patent and digital production are also. At Seamless Source, we have found that keeping all the information in a Document Library removes any chances of confusion and loss of data.

Knowing everything is stored in the same place creates a trusting environment where you can be confident and comfortable creating changes with the dates you need developments and finalisations for, especially since we’re a global sourcing company.

A Document Library makes everyone’s lives easier and allows better efficiency for the entire production and manufacturing.


Our Data Analytics cleverly uses your information and our system to find the perfect time to re-order clothing at your convenience. On our end, we can work out what materials and textiles are in and out of stock and the dates and times when everything will be back in stock.

If you are a trusted client with history, we believe you shouldn’t have to go through the entire record construction again. At Seamless Source, we see Data Analytics as a perfect opportunity for you to continue your client relationship with us without hassle.

As a manager or principal designer, you don’t have to worry about wasting time with administration jobs and can simply move on to the following big product. We are making the entire process quicker and easier the second time you want us to be the manufacturer of your garments and any time after that.

Be sure to watch out for NEW updates concerning the Seamless Source platform & app!


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