Social Media Unlocked – New Dimension for the Fashion Industry

In recent years, social media has become an effective marketing tool. It has not only created a new dimension of marketing but has also provided many opportunities for marketers to create brand awareness among consumers.

It is now considered the most transparent, engaging and interactive form of public relations. As social media is a compilation of online platforms and communication channels that are used by people to share information, profiles, assumptions, observations, apprehension, and media itself.

So, what impacts has social media had on the fashion industry?

The fashion industry is formed around the fact that there are frequent changes occurring, and social media is the most convenient and cheapest means to communicate.

The fashion industry is using social media to study trends and anticipate fashion behaviours. It is embracing social media which has enabled it to emerge at the forefront as a phenomenon. The development of social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok has created a new muse amongst many.

From fashion blogs, influencer marketing, live streaming catwalk shows, fashion weeks, and social shopping we get a diversity of opinions on different places through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites.

This allows direct consumer engagement with the brands. Highly engaging with consumers will eventually lead to more brand awareness and create deeper customer brand loyalty for the future.

Fashion industry development

The fashion industry created trendsetters and users followed the trends. Users didn’t have a say in what they were consuming, they could only opt-out of trends that they didn’t like. Social media has reframed this structure, allowing users to not only consume fashion but also contribute to it.

Another way in which social media has impacted the fashion industry is through the use of hashtags. Using hashtags enables consumers to join in the conversation with the relevant people whether for a brand, business, product, or content.

It allows consumers to to find and follow a certain niche easily in the over-crowded market. This strengthens brand image and can target the right audience at the right time. Hashtags will not only put you in front of people who already follow you but will also attract prospects beyond your follower list.

By using hashtags users and potential consumers can find virtually whatever trend they want with the click of a button.

Social media allows fashion companies to interact with their customers on a level that they could never do previously. Founder and editor in chief of independent publication, the Business of Fashion, Imran Amed, says:

“The one thing that has changed dramatically in recent years is the direct relationship brands now have with their consumers. In this new hierarchy, the consumer has the ability to amplify or negatively impact on business, through sharing positive or negative responses.”

Moreover, compared to traditional print ads, social media allows fashion businesses to announce new products, sales, and specials, or exciting developments immediately to consumers, on their own timeline.

This means that loyal customers who follow the brand, as well as potential customers who are targeted in marketing plans, will be in the know about company happenings much sooner than with traditional marketing tactics.

To conclude, social media has had a radical effect on essentially every aspect of the fashion industry, and while that impact may change in the future, it’s clear that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So, fashion brands and consumers can use it to their advantage and market their goods and services.

How do you think fashion has evolved from social platforms we know and love? What is your go to platform to learn about new fashion trends? Let us know in the comments! Also check out our social media pages and connect with us for future tips and trends on fashion.

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