Spectra Sensory Clothing

Spectra Sensory Clothing: a revolution in adaptive apparel

“I was so lucky to work with Seamless Source, they went above and beyond for me, and time was a massive problem for me as well. They met all my apparel specifications, and sent good quality samples but, for me, one of the most important areas was how they kept in touch at every stage of the manufacturing process.” – Meta Auden, Founder of Spectra Sensory Clothing.

Created by Meta Auden – Spectra Sensory Clothing helps people with sensory issues feel comfortable in their clothing. Motivated to find a solution to irritating garments for those on the Autistic Spectrum, Spectra represents an alternative to regular clothing collections.

Source: Spectra Sensory Clothing, 2021.

After noticing her daughter was not wearing the clothes she loved, Meta reached out to people in similar situations and found that sensory issues relating to garments were an issue. She found this especially prevalent for occasions where casual clothing was not appropriate (such as school uniforms). 

Realising that sensory clothing alternatives were not widespread, she decided to start a brand catered specifically towards these adaptations. By working with suppliers who are specialised in certain areas, Seamless Source was able to assist Spectra in its adaptable clothing journey.

Source: Spectra Sensory Clothing, 2021.

The sensory clothing market

With the need for inclusive clothing growing steadily over the past few years, more brands are starting to pay attention in order to close the gap in the market. The Washington Post reports how a range of retailers have been developing adaptive clothing – including American retail giants Target and J.C Penney, as well as smaller UK brands such as Crann Apparel and Spectra.

”The market has really expanded — with many brands at many price points finally realising that being inclusive also means serving people with disabilities.” – Kerri McBee-Black, professor of textile management. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/08/06/adaptive-clothing-target-kohls-jcpenney/.)

Spectra’s focus

Spectra Sensory Clothing’s main focus from the beginning has been on school uniforms for children and young adults – featuring tops and trousers that fit typical uniform standards with adaptations that make them more comfortable. These changes include soft collars, no care labels directly next to the skin and soft fabrics. 

Source: Spectra Sensory Clothing, 2021.

Whilst other additions have been added to the range, uniforms remain at the core. Due to being an established brand within the uniform sensory market, any interruptions in the production process would significantly affect its business and could also adversely impact its customers who need this specialised clothing for school.

Seamless Source’s role

Spectra came through our platform after needing to find a new manufacturer quickly due to issues with its existing supplier being unable to meet their deadlines. The company needed to find a clothing manufacturer that could fulfil all of the requirements within a tight 30-day time period in order to have the products ready for the start of the school term.

Our operations team met with Spectra to understand the nature of the problems it was facing. Once the team understood the issues, we quickly developed a supply chain strategy that suited Spectra’s needs.

We located a kidswear clothing manufacturer specialising in uniforms that met Spectra’s price, quality and safety requirements, and we were able to move forward. Spectra already had its technical patterns drawn up, meaning we were able to move directly into the first stage of production. The manufacturer started on the samples straightaway – with finished samples sent to Spectra in a few days.

500 shirts and 500 pairs of trousers were ordered in three different colours – the shirts in white, grey and light blue and the trousers in grey, black and navy. All of the samples were executed to high standards and Spectra was happy to approve and move forward to production.

The simple and easy sample production and approval carried out through our seamless platform enabled us at Seamless Source to start bulk production in a mere one and a half weeks. The platform allowed for easy communication between our teams, the clothing manufacturers and Spectra, making sure everything stayed on track. 

Source: Seamless Source Platform. Example communications, 2021.

Spectra was able to track its order progress through our digital management tool and timeline feature, creating security and allowing it to check in as each section was completed.

The order was turned around in three weeks, with bulk production completed and shipped out in time for Spectra to be able to get its products to customers in time for the start of the school term.


Spectra was extremely impressed with our dedication to getting its products produced and sent out so quickly, including how well we managed the process from samples to bulk production with ease whilst updating the Spectra team throughout.

“I will be using them again, in fact exploring new possibilities with them now. So, if you want to bring a new product to market, or like myself had trouble finding manufacturers who are reliable, you must give this company a chance to show you what they can do to help your business. I am looking forward to a long relationship with them.” – Meta Auden, Founder of Spectra Sensory Clothing.


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