Spring/Summer 2019/2020 Trend Forecast: Trends to Consider for your Fashion Brand

The world of fashion is forever bringing out new trend; out with the old and in with the new! If you have your own small fashion companyor you are a fashion buyer,then you’re most likely to be trend-spottingas much as you can. We have come together and put together some of the key trends that are upcomingand thriving for 2020.

SPRING / SUMMER 2019/20:

1.‘Blue Waves’With all the plastic pollution crises we are currently facing, fashion designers have decided to show what consumers are longing for; a clear blue sea! With a variety of peaceful yet appealing shades of aqua, turquoise and blues coming in, this statement has been made for 2020 in a clear and visually pleasing way. (Image below)

2. ‘Sunset Skies’A combinations of reds, oranges and fuchsias are dominant in this trend, representing the sunset colours heavily. This trend will be presented heavily in 2020 and is ideal for any summer vacations you have planned! Burnt henna, cinnamon and ginger spice are all of just a few words that can describe this trend. (Image below)

3. ‘Nature and Greens’- SS19 and SS20 will all be about sustainability and nature, so what is more perfect then creating a fashion trend that represents this important topic? Not only is this trend representative of nature it will also have many functional elements. Key products will include cargo pants, fishing vests and shirts with multi-functional pockets.Many fashion designerswill also be using eco-friendlyand lightweight fabrics for there SS2020 collections. (Image below)

It is important to be aware of the current and upcoming trends as a fashion designer, as this will play a crucial part in your own collections and what will sell successfully. Looking for key inspiration from fashion showsand high-end fashion designers mean that you can incorporate some of the upcoming trends into your own design ideas.By doing so, you will reach out to a variety of trend drivencustomers and will get more recognition for your fashion brand.

As we further ourselves in 2019, sustainabilityitself is playing a massive role in fashion. It is strongly advised that fashion brands should ‘go sustainable’; not only is it a ‘trend’ as such, but you will also be making a positive impact on the environment.

Whilst sustainable fabrics may be slightly more expensive, your brands values will increase and there is a massive gap in the market for more sustainable fashion brands. To find out more about sustainable fashion, have a read through our article;Why Choosing Sustainable Fabrics Will Have a Positive Impact.’


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