The story of Seamless Source

Where did our story begin?

Established in 2019, Chanodil set out to simplify the fashion supply chain whilst making sustainable sourcing more accessible for SMEs. These brands faced issues finding reliable, responsible, and sustainable suppliers without having the right connections within the fashion industry. 

Fashion brands found the old processes expensive and complex, while order management and communications proved to be complicated and unaffordable for most brands.

The final problem we found was a lack of transparency in the fashion supply chain, where most of the middle parties were a barrier between brands and suppliers.

As a collective, we wanted to abolish the above factors and create a platform that simplified a brand’s journey from concept to production. That’s why we created Seamless Source (formerly known as Chanodil), a management tool to help fashion brands build a more responsible supply chain. We help brands save time and money with our seamless sourcing platform; our inbuilt order management tool can help reduce costs by up to 20%. As well as saving you time and money, Seamless Source also provides transparency. With our digital supply chain, fashion brands achieve 50% extra visibility of the production journey as well as a tracking system that enables trust and security for our partners.

So, why the rebrand?

Quite simply, we wanted what we do as a company to be visible through our appearance. We changed our brand colours from blue to purple so that they aligned with our mission and values as a brand. We have always aimed to help fashion brands around the world manage their supply chain, through our technology and support. However, we felt that our previous name ‘Chanodil’ didn’t comply with our mission and values. That’s why we’ve chosen to go with the name ‘Seamless Source’ so that our partners know exactly what we’re here to do.

Our mission is to transform supply-chain responsibility that enables global brands to achieve responsible and innovative solutions. Seamless Source is an automated, award-winning sourcing platform that allows global brands to build faster, leaner, and more responsible supply chains within the fashion industry. 

team - Seamless Source

Although our appearance has changed, the mission we began with remains:  

We remain a trusted platform with a robust list of vetted manufacturers you can rely on.

We strive to help you save time and money by providing you with a powerful dashboard to view your orders from start to finish.

We remain focused on sustainability and ensure that all our partners are vetted to meet high labour and environmental standards.

With our new look, we wanted to align our online appearance with our mission and values, which are trust, time, cost and sustainability. As a seamless sourcing platform, we can help your fashion brand build a digitalised, faster and more responsible supply chain, all in one platform. Whether you are a fashion startup or an established business, you can trust Seamless Source to help you every step of the way, to bring your creations to life.


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